Our story

About us

Our story

Keep Online is an official Egyptian commercially registered company that was launched in 2013. Keep Online is strong on continuous development and we are always strong to be at the forefront by providing the best of what we have and are distinguished by the quality of work and customer confidence in us and provide the best services for designing, programming websites, official emails, hosting services, management of Facebook pages, the design of publications and other important services. 

Our mission

Whoever has ambition seeks success and therefore ambition was our mission and we know that we will not reach to achieve your ambition except by work and hard, we work hard to achieve your ambition and your requirements and solutions through which you can distinguish as we work to provide the cheapest prices and the best possible quality and safety and protection we must achieve your success in order to Together, we succeed in providing distinguished service.

we wish for

To be keeponline your first and last choice. Keep Online is always the best choice